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Syringe Driver Survey Database migration to MedicinesComplete - January 2023

Syringe Driver Survey Database has moved to MedicinesComplete and is no longer available on

It has been renamed to PCF’s Syringe Driver Database and is now accessed through Drug Compatibility Checker.

Drug Compatibility Checker, through MedicinesComplete is a new tool providing essential compatibility knowledge to support the administration of injectable drugs combining published data and clinical practice reports.

Find out more about Drug Compatibility Checker:

If you have a subscription to Palliative Care Formulary through MedicinesComplete, you will have access to PCF’s Syringe Driver Database through Drug Compatibility Checker, at no charge through 2023. 

To contribute to PCF’s Syringe Driver Database please continue to submit a clinical practice report using here:

To learn more about a subscription to the Palliative Care Formulary through MedicinesComplete, please contact us here:

If you have any questions regarding access to PCF’s Syringe Driver Database or would like to renew your subscription to Palliative Care Formulary, please contact

National alliance formed to respond the LCP review

30th August 2013

A new Leadership Alliance for the Care of the Dying has been formed by NHS England in response to the independent review of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP). It will be chaired by Dr Bee Wee, National Clinical Director for End of Life Care at NHS England, and many key organizations have already joined; Care Quality Commission, Department of Health, General Medical Council, Health Education England, NHS Improving Quality, Nursing and Midwifery Council and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

The alliance will take forward the information from the LCP review and respond at a strategic and system-wide level to:

  • support everyone involved in the care of people who are dying to respond to the findings of the review
  • be the focal point for the system’s response to the findings and recommendations of the LCP review
  • provide guidance on what needs to occur in place of the LCP
  • consider how best health and social sector can address the recommendations in the review about the accountability and responsibility of individual clinicians, out of hours decisions, nutrition and hydration and communication with the patient and their relatives or carers
  • map existing guidance, training and development, as a prelude to considering how these impact on the care of dying people and the circumstantial factors that might affect the adoption of good practice.

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