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Palliative Care Formulary migration to MedicinesComplete - January 2019

11th December 2018

As you will now be aware, we are making some important changes to the way you access the current on-line Palliative Care Formulary. If you are an on-line formulary subscriber you will shortly receive details about how to access your updated formulary account on MedicinesComplete in January 2019.

Please note that only access to the Palliative Care Formulary will be moving over to the MedicinesComplete platform.

The Bulletin board, Document Library, News, Surveys and the Syringe Driver Survey Database (SDSD) will continue to be available at The site will also contain a link to the Palliative Care Formulary on the MedicinesComplete platform.

Once you have received your updated login instructions you will need to complete migration to your updated account on MedicinesComplete by 1st February 2019 when access via the site will be switched off.

If you have any questions regarding the migration then please contact