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Epistatus liquid - temporary change to syringe size

14th February 2012

The oral syringe supplied with the unlicensed midazolam buccal liquid 10mg/mL, 5mL bottle (Epistatus) has temporarily changed in size from 1mL to 1.5mL. This modification was made in order to allow measurement of an adult dose of midazolam up to 15mg. However, in response to customer feedback the manufacturer (Special Products Ltd) has reverted back to the 1mL syringe size.

The new 1mL syringes will have a non-luer tip, in order to ensure full compliance with the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) 2007 guidelines "Promoting safer measurement and administration of liquid medicines via oral and other enteral routes".

Extra care should be taken when measuring and patients should be made aware that the syringe size supplied may vary.

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