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Instanyl (fentanyl) multidose nasal sprays discontinued

6th November 2018

Takeda UK is discontinuing all strengths of Instanyl® (fentanyl citrate) multidose nasal sprays on the 14th December 2018 for commercial reasons.

The single dose Instanyl® products (50micorgram/mL, 100microgram/mL and 200micorgram/mL) will remain available.

Alternative transmucosal fentanyl citrate products are available including, sublingual (Abstral®) and buccal (Effentora®) tablets, a lozenge with oromucosal applicator (Actiq®) and a nasal spray (Pecfent®). However, these products are not interchangeable on a microgram per microgram basis from one product to another and patients must undergo full titration if switching to a new product.

See the PCF Fentanyl (transmucosal) monograph and individual SPCs for details.

Letter to healthcare professionals