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Authorized glycopyrronium oral solution now available in UK

30th September 2016

A glycopyrronium 200microgram/mL (1mg/5mL; Colonis Pharmaceuticals) oral solution is now available, costing £91 for 150mL. It is authorized for the treatment of peptic ulceration, thus use in indications in palliative care, e.g. drooling would be off-label. However, a glycopyrronium 320microgram/mL oral solution, authorized for severe drooling, is expected to be launched soon (see our news item 28 July 2016).

Glycopyrronium 200micorgram/ml (1mg/5mL) oral suspension, although cheaper (when comparing 28 days cost @ 1mg t.d.s.), remains an unauthorized product via special order.


Tablets 1mg, 28 days@ 1mg t.d.s. = £602

Oral solution 1mg/5mL, 28 days @ 1mg t.d.s. = £255

Oral suspension 1mg/5mL 28 days @ 1mg t.d.s. = £106 (unauthorized; available via special order)

Note: other strengths of glycopyrronium oral solution and oral suspension are also available as unauthorized products via special order 200micorgram/5mL, 500micorgram/5mL, 2mg/5mL, 2.5mg/5mL, 5mg/5mL.

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