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Strong Opioid Identification Booklet now available!

7th November 2013 Ltd. have produced a Strong Opioid Identification Booklet. This new resource is designed to be used in two ways:

• as a quick reference guide for the range of strong opioids and their formulations and doses available in the UK. Palliative Care Formulary (PCF) encourages safe and rational prescribing which extends to considering size, shape and taste of tablets and solutions, and avoiding doses which force patients to take more tablets, and/or open more containers than necessary. We hope this resource helps health professionals to address these issues

• to aid the identification of strong opioid formulations available in the UK. Where available and appropriate, photographic images of branded products are included. These are not to scale but can be used by health professionals in consultations with patients to help establish or confirm which drug is being used, along with the dose or particular brand.

The booklet is only available to UK health institutions and is provided free of charge as a service to medicine by Qdem Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Booklets will be distributed free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability. Generally, they will be shipped within 7-10 days of an order being placed. Each order is limited to a maximum of 5 booklets.

To order your free copy, login and click on the link on our home page. The booklet is being distributed by an external company. Please note, when given the choice please select the ‘order without registering’ option.